Meet Catherine

Based in Sydney, Australia, Catherine is a global conscious business consultant, coach and innovator, expert brand and marketing manager, author and esteemed key note speaker. Collaborating with entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovators, Catherine aims to advise, facilitate and empower clients to discover and implement revolutionary change within their business to achieve holistic success and growth.

Growing up immersed in the competitive fashion trade, Catherine made her industry debut in the mega brand family business, Australian retailer SUPRÉ. Benefitting from over a decade of experience absorbed in the highly volatile nature of the textile trade and fashion industry, Catherine emerged armed with a plethora of

entrepreneurial skills and finely tuned intuitive abilities that would prove advantageous throughout her career.

Driven by her insatiable desire for knowledge and a growing awareness of social responsibility, Catherine is living on her purpose of creating holistic business models underpinned by sustainable values. Her humanistic business consulting and coaching are motivated by a vision of enriching consumer awareness and sharing education for making responsible choices based on socially and environmentally enduring principles. The foundation of her success is her holistic approach to life fulfillment, appreciating that achievement is not merely measured by financial prosperity, but by an interdependent achievement of balance, contentment and health.

NB: Catherine van der Meulen and Catherine Taouk are the same person in case you find threads through the digital navigation. One is my family name and one of my former husband. It’s a slow process to shifting everything back to van der Meulen.