• People with Purpose

    Connecting people within an organization to their ultimate purpose creates a happy, productive and engaged team.

    The People with Purpose program is activated through a series of workshop style events, which are interactive, informative and support team members to connect to their purpose within the organization.

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  • Brands with Purpose

    Building a Brand with Purpose creates longevity; it sets intention for team members to feel a part of something that is creating positive impact.

    The Brands with Purpose program is activated through a series of workshops with a spectrum of team members from a variety of departments and roles to understand the core values of the future of the business and begin to connect these values to build a brand that has purpose.


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  • Planet with Purpose

    Creating positive impact on the planet by reducing our footprint on all levels of the business through measuring what matters.

    The Planet with Purpose program begins as an audit of the business through an Impact tool through bCorp (short for Benefit Corporation), which measures the business impact with a score out of 200.

    From this initial assessment we are then able to identify the core areas of the business that need focus and develop a strategy to create more positive outcomes.


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  • Profit with Purpose

    Through alignment of people in your business with purpose, connecting the brand to its purpose and sharing this with your customers and by creating a positive impact on the earth naturally comes profit, conscious profit.

    Profit is certainly an important part of the business cycle as it allows us the opportunity to further develop our business and engage in activities to continually push the boundaries with conscious projects.

    The Profit with Purpose program begins with a complete business audit to identify areas to reduce overheads, increase the top line and improve the bottom line.