Raw to store

The Raw to Store movement has been designed to educate businesses about the spectrum of impacts generated by the fashion industry globally. Raw to Store is founded on the principal that the “business as usual” model in Australian fashion needs a major shake up. The series will explore the satisfaction gap between consumers, investors, young fashion talent, and social and environmental advocates who are all demanding more from the local fashion industry.

“Growing up in the Australian Fashion Industry, as I look back I realize that for so many years I walked blindly to how things were manufactured, the environmental impact of manufacturing and just the reality of the detail and logistics that go into delivering a product to a store to meet consumer needs.

For 15 years of my life, I was in the fast fashion industry which I now recognize needs to be slowed down a little… is it really consumer demand that is driving the need for new products in-store daily and minutely shipped from all over the world, or is it the industry that is driving this hunger to create a point of difference and a competitive advantage?”

Raw to Store is about inspiring, educating and empowering change in the fashion industry. Through better awareness and knowledge, comes better, more informed and more conscious decisions.

With a vision is to reduce the impact of the fashion industry on environmental, cultural and social areas and to use the force of the industry to create positive impact for global change.

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