Conscious Business Program

A 12 month Business Program to support you on the journey to developing a Conscious Business that you are proud of, by sharing tools, insights and skills that I have learnt over the past 12 months from successful global brands that are using business as a force for good.


As a Business Coach, Catherine works personally with a selection of entrepreneurs, business owners and executives to define, build and implement growth strategies supporting strategic business goals. Catherine has a proven track record and flair for effectively dissecting business models from a meticulous and innovative perspective, helping them to improve performance based on her unique analysis and review of current business systems and practices. She works in tandem with clients as a mentor to develop a strategic plan for improvement, highlighting more effective ways to maximize performance and profitability. A pioneer at her core, Catherine believes in setting trends, not following them.

Catherine boasts a comprehensive knowledge of retail marketing and branding, on and offline business development across a number of industries including fashion, youth brands, sports wear, entertainment, travel, media, research and development. Catherine recognises the key principles relevant to achieving and maintaining competitive advantage, regardless of the product offering or service.


Focused on marketing and brand consulting, Catherine works alongside organisations and brands focusing on a key area of their business to build a brand based on a tangible and shared purpose, positive impact longevity and a sustainable business model that engages its stakeholders. Catherine instills a collaborative environment between professionals and organisations by engaging leaders to explore innovative solutions that challenge the traditional concepts of enterprise.


As a keynote speaker, Catherine speaks to a range of audiences in both intimate settings and large-scale events on topics covering her areas of expertise and passions including:

  • The Fashion Industry
  • Ethical and Sustainable Impact
  • Discovering your Purpose
  • The Higher Purpose of Business
  • Sustainable Business Models
  • Building Brands with Purpose

Board Member and Advisory

Catherine is currently connecting the dots on key businesses of interest for board and advisory roles.

Impact Investing

Supporting businesses to connect to the right investors is vital for future growth and a prerequisite for producing positive impact. Impact investing creates a harmonious relationship between businesses and investors where both parties are connected by a common purpose. Utilising her extensive professional network and industry expertise, Catherine works to facilitate purposeful connections that underpin the values of conscious business. By aligning the personal values of socially minded investors and conscious businesses, the achievement of mutual goals based on corporate responsibility and an improved condition for all stakeholders can be achieved.